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How do I place my order?           

You can place your order through our website or by the hotline.

Do you have a Facebook Page or an Instagram Page?    

Yes, we do. Like us on Facebook at 'S&R New York Style Pizza or follow us on Instagram at @snrpizza_official

Can I send my orders in advance?           

We accept advanced orders on our website and hotline.

Do you support bulk orders?     

Yes, we do. You can request Bulk Orders on our website.

Can I send my order via Facebook Page?

We only accept orders through our Hotline and Website.

Can I get the number of your stores, so I can place my order directly to them?  

We require all our customers to order for delivery through our website or delivery hotline only.

Can I see your Menu?   

You can check out our Menu here on our website.

Do you have any promos?          

You can check out our latest promos on our  @snrpizzaofficial and Instagram  @snrpizzaofficial

Can I avail the Promo using my Senior Citizen Discount or PWD Discount?           

Yes, you can avail of the 20% special discount in accordance with RA No. 9994/RA No. 10754

The following standard meal combination shall be the basis for granting the discount and VAT exemption:
a. One (1) main dish
b. One (1) appetizer or soup
c. One (1) beverage
d. One (1) dessert

How to follow up on my order?

You can check the status of your order using the Tracker page in our website.

Can I cancel my order? 

Customers are allowed to cancel or change their order and delivery within 2 minutes after placing the order thru hotline or website. Any changes or cancellation request beyond the given time will no longer be valid and refundable. 

Which of your stores are open today?   

You can check the schedule of our stores on the Location page of our website.

Do you deliver at __?    

You can check out the Location page to see our branches close to your area.

What are the payment methods available?        

We do accept credit card payments (master card etc), local Debit cards, and Cash payments upon delivery.

How much is the delivery fee? Is there a minimum order?          

The minimum amount for a regular order is Php 500. But for our opening day, we will offer free delivery.

Can I use my membership card to avail the 5% discount, together with the senior/PWD discount in one delivery transaction?      

Unfortunately, you cannot use your membership card in conjunction with your special discount.

I have a concern regarding the food I ordered.  

You may send your concern on our Contact Us page on the website or call our hotline 8866-1333.


Written February 15, 2022 10:22 pm